Community Minigrid Solutions
Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 75% of the world population without access to electricity Electricity access is essential for people’s lives and livelihoods: from using fridges for storing food and medicine; charging mobile phones to stay connected; lighting up households and schools at night and powering local businesses. Through strategic partnerships, we envision to develop scalable, bankable off-grid utility solutions that provide clean, reliable energy thereby improving rural livelihoods, increasing economic activities, creating jobs, and adding value to local products and services.
Solar Water Pumping Solutions
OmniCorp Solar water pumping program aims to increase access to reliable and affordable energy sources for water supply through enhancing local distribution and uptake of quality solar-powered water pumps. Solar water pumping for irrigation Large scale farmers along water bodies are currently using Diesel powered pumps for irrigation. These are not only expensive to run but extremely detrimental to the Environment Our solar water pump solution leads to significant reduction in production costs to the farmers due to the eliminated daily fuel and labor costs This in turn results in increased productivity and income for the local farmers, thereby contributing to the county’s economic development.
Solar Car Port Charging Solutions
Sub-Saharan Africa faces unique challenges when it comes to the e-mobility transition, such as low rates of electricity access, low electricity reliability, and low affordability. sales of EVs in Kenya is forecasted to be be 340 – 820 thousand units in 2025 growing to ~3.8 – 4.9 million units by 2040. OmniCorp is looking to revolutionize the transportation sector by providing motorists with a cost-effective green energy alternative to diesel and Petrol. Diesel engines are one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions with Over 1 million buses on African roads consuming about 1 billion liters of diesel each year. As our cities grow, we need a revolution in sustainable public transport!